Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Gamecock And Poachers

I decided to take a walk this evening at Pierce as the weather was so unbearably muggy today. As usual, I grabbed the camera and dumped it into my backpack. I was hoping to see a rare mammal that I had encountered before in the reserve and watch the birds take their evening bath.
Upon parking my car, I headed towards the side entrance to the broadwalk. What do I see strutting towards me, a gamecock. This is the type of bird that is used in cockfights. This cockerel was magnificent, a healthy specimen with glossy feathers and lethal talons.I met a couple of photographers I knew and we had the usual small talk before I went on my way. The forest was still and not a bird song nor any rustling sound in the forest. I soon realized why, when I came across one guy washing in the reservoir and I heard sounds coming from the forest. It didn't take me long to put two and two together - poachers. The one inside the forest was using a catapult. I continued on towards the bay and then turned back only to find two in the forest shooting at something with their catapults. I stole a shot from a distance but it was hard to get a clear photo.As I walked past, one of them came out stuck his catapult in his pocket, and grabbed a cutter from a plastic bucket. The two looked dangerous and I didn't want to hang around to see what they were up to.


Anonymous said...

There seem to be increased poaching activities in the forest.

Shirls said...

I wouldn't know.

Shawn said...

Oh My,
I can't believe that poachers still exist in S'pore. You could show these photographs to the Nature Society and tell the about the poachers.

Shirls said...

Hey Shawn, they are around.