Friday, March 06, 2009

Squirrel Antics

This is a mammal from the rodent family that one would see often in the nature reserves. While waiting around for the kingfisher a couple of weeks ago, I started to appreciate these mammals and their antics up in the trees.
I set about photographing these cute and often rambunctious little mammals. I caught this Plantain Squirrel this morning and as if it was trying to make itself invisible as it sat parallel to the branch peeking at me.It then decides that trying to look like a branch isn't going to work and it turns to scamper up the tree.This other squirrel is often found together with the Plantains racing up and down trees. To me the Slender Squirrel is cuter than the Plantain as it is smaller, and has a little button nose with a bar that run over its snout. This little squirrel also have cute little pudgy paws. These squirrels never fail to put a smile or get a laugh out of me. Watching their antics is a great way to relief stress.


Shawn said...

Never have I manged to get good shots of squirells. In fact all fast-moving creatures are difficult for me. Should be the camera...

Anyway cute pictures of the Squirells. I also liked the Slender Squirell more.

P.S I've posted about my best snake find in this trip to India.

Shirls said...

Keep trying eventually you will get your shots even with a compact camera.