Monday, March 02, 2009

Woody Woodpecker

Though common in the forest this woodpecker eluded me yet again. I spotted it on the ground feeding on a clump of dead palm trees. I was foiled by my slowness in realizing that there was a woodpecker in front of me, and the slow AF on my lens. This was the only shot I got of my elusive Banded Woodpecker. Some day....


Shawn said...

Hi Shirls,

Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Yeah I really liked those to creatures. Two of my favourite insects. And even more amazing, they were on the same rose plant!

Anyway at night I moved them away to different plants. Have you ever handled a wild mantis? They are so gentle and harmless! I slowly let it crawl onto my palm and walk all over my hand. You may find this creepy but you realize how gentle they are...

Well India is a place full of mantises, you can find them even inside houses, near lights. But Stick Insects, I've only found them near forested areas.

Hope you get to find a green stick insect soon.

Shirls said...

Hi Shawn,

I've handled both the mantis n the stick insect in the wild before. As a child I use to see them in the house (my home now) but these days they are harder to find that I get excited when I see them.

I planning a trip to India in a couple of months time. Ranthambore is on my itinerary.

Shirls said...

and Shawn, I do read your blog when I can.