Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hong Lim's Cray Fish Hor Fun

The first thing that one sees when reaching this stall is a long queue. People patiently standing in line waiting for their order of crayfish hor fun.A simple dish of flat rice noodles (hor fun), gravy, prawns, cray fish and some vegetables. What make it so good is the mouth watering sauce that is made from stock of cray fish, prawns and chicken. This is ladled onto a plate of hor fun and finished off with prawns, cray fish, chye sim and fried shallots. To begin eating mix the noodles in the gravy ensuring that each strand of noodle is well coated. This will ensure that each mouthful is as enjoyable as the previous one. One must also have some amount of dexterity with disposable chop sticks to be able to extract the cray fish flesh from the shell. The crustacean meat is fresh, crunchy and sweet. A very satisfying one dish meal.
Tuck Kee is going to be another favorite of mine along with the fried chicken hor fun at Changi Village.

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