Sunday, May 10, 2009

Look What Plonked Itself In Front Of Me

It's the weekend and the camera came out of its dry box. Time to see if there were any wild neighbors to photograph. Not long into my walk, the bird that had been eluding me decided, it was time for its portrait taken.Woody flew in quietly and plonked itself in front of me on a palm frond. He stayed long enough for me to take decent photographs in the open much to my delight. I was hoping Woody would stay longer but he got scared away by a well meaning lady who came over to chat with me. I present to you the male Banded Woodpecker out of the forest setting.


Shawn said...

Damn! I saw a few of these in my latest trip to Bukit Timah too but since I did not have any camera with such zoom, I could not get any pictures. We also saw an Asian Fairy Bluebird, but the same thing, no camera for shooting them.

Shirls said...

For this shot a compact will do as the bird was close. It seems I must take a day off and to head to Bt Timah.