Friday, August 07, 2009

Preparing To Bid Another Cat Goodbye

It had been another sad week for me. Took Ruben to the vet as he was steadily not eating and had lost 1 kg in a month since his last vet visit.
His blood tests revealed the worse and I have decided not to prolong his suffering by forcing feeding him various supplements to help clear toxins out of his system and subjecting him to daily saline transfusions.
I'll let him live out his last days free of pain and am allowing him to do whatever he wants. It will also gives us all time to bid him farewell as we love him a lot.


ShaoWei said...

my cat had to be put down a few years back due to lukemia.i didn't had as much time as you to bid farewell.i know my cat lived a great life.enjoy the rest of the time you have with Ruben too would have lived a happy and fruitful life.

cheer up ya! :)

Shirls said...

Thanks ShaiWei. Ruben had a great life. He's the second cat I am bidding farewell to this year. I put Meow down in April at the time when Ruben was diagnosed with feline renal failure. He's lying on the bed now being comforted. I say goodbye to him tomorrow.