Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Someone Dumped Bullfrogs Into The Stream

I head the call of a bullfrog yesterday morning by the stream but didn't think to investigate since it sounded like the Banded Bullfrog. However, this morning I wondered by the stream at the start of my walk and what do I see two large American Bullfrogs. Once my eyes got accustomed to the glare, I started picking out bullfrog, after bullfrog. Oh no!
I know they weren't there the last month when I last walked past the stream but now there were more than 10 full grown bullfrogs right before my eyes.
So what's the big deal you might ask just a couple of frogs released by someone into the stream? Well for one it is an alien species that can do a lot of ecological damage to our already very limited and threatened fauna. The American Bullfrog preys on any animal it can overpower and stuff down their throats. They can eat rodents, small turtles, snakes, lizards, fish, other frogs including their own species, and birds.To make matters worse, they thrive very well in warm climates and have longer life expectancy. A female bullfrog is an extremely prolific egg layer, she can lay as many as 20,000 eggs a clutch and have multiple clutches a year. At the rate in which they breed their enormous appetites, our native species will be wiped out in no time.
The bullfrogs were brought in originally to be commercially bred for frogs' legs. These bullfrogs are readily available in wet markets and supermarkets for people to buy. The young frogs also get sold in the aquarium business as food for ornamental fish like the Arowana. They have already colonized our reservoirs - MacRitchie, Lower Pierce and Seletar and even Singapore Botanic Gardens as people release them during religious festivals such as Vesak Day. Today, they have spread further into a stream that is home to indigenous Tiger Barb.


ShaoWei said...

yeah.they do do a lot of damage to the local fauna.i guess people don't know as much as how irresposible it is to let them go.

ever thought of rounding up the bullfrogs in that stream before they start propogating?!

Uncle Phil said...

It is a worry indeed.We have a big problem with introduced species such as cane toads in Northern Queensland to foxes in other parts of Australia, and they create havoc to the native fauna and flora. The cane toads were brought in to combat the cane beetles and the foxes for sport for the early settlers! Both not a very bright idea.

Shirls said...

ShaoWei, the bull frogs are within the reserve. People may misunderstand that they can start catching animals. As it is poaching is a common thing within the reserves. Best to leave it to the authorities.

Phil, that is so true. However, people never learn n it only takes one unthinking soul to wreck havoc to the environment.