Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Great Day Out

Went to Singapore Botanic Gardens this morning at 7.30 am. My original plan was to stake out the lake to see if I could spot a Kingfisher. Instead, I heard a group of very loud birds as I walked past the visitor center. Hmmm... familiar sounds but where were they. After some searching my eyes became accustomed to the lighting and the green-on-green birds started to pop out.
I found the largest group of Long-tailed Parakeets feeding above visitors on the oil palm trees. Even with me taking time to set-up these birds stayed as they were busy having their breakfast.Even while feeding they were ever vigilant and the slightest move will send the group flying. Let them settle back down and I was in business as I spent the next 30 minutes filling my compact flash card with photos.


Shawn said...

Those parrots really are beautiful! There are a lot of asian glossy starlings around my home too feeding on those palm fruits.

Shirls said...

Yes, they are. It was perfect timing last Saturday to meet them on palm trees that were low enough.