Thursday, October 29, 2009

Palm Fruits For Breakfast & Dinner

As mentioned in my earlier posts I have been doing palm tree inspections. Through these inspections, I have found Common Gliding Lizards and juvenile Clouded Monitor Lizards living on these palm trees.
These trees have been flowering and the flowers were hosts to hundreds of bees. Now that the flowering season is over the trees are laden with fruits. They are now hosts to flocks of Pink-necked Green Pigeons, these birds have come to feed on the palm fruits. Getting close to photograph these pigeons isn't easy as these birds are always weary of humans approaching them. I slowly edged in and allowed the birds to get use to my presence. The series of shots below was taken over a period of two days - evening and early morning.
What is most interesting is these birds swallow the fruit whole. The next time you walk near a palm tree in the early morning or evening look to see if you spot these pigeons. If you do, stay a while and watch these birds as they feed. You can also find them on fruiting fig trees but they are harder to spot as they blend in with the foliage plus the birds are usually high up on the treesl.

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