Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Smooth Otters - Part I

Sungei Buloh on Saturday morning smelt of death and decay as the tide brought in dead fish and scattered them haphazardly all over the mangrove environment. The first round in the reserve was ho hum but a forgotten lens cover meant another trip back into the reserve.
Retracing my route turned out to be very exciting. Otters!!! Could hear their high pitched calls and the lens cover was forgotten yet again as I raced to position myself ahead of the group.
As the group weren't far from the main bridge there were other visitors around, and I quietened the people around me as the otters swam around under the platform. Since we were all quiet, they climbed up on to the bund and we had the best experience observing the social behavior of the group - sprainting, grooming and playing.

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