Sunday, December 20, 2009

Giant Strawberries@Julians Berry Farm

We drove from Rotorua to Whakatane District in gloomy weather. I was hoping to stop by the coast and photograph Oystercatchers but that was not to be. My nephew was getting restless and I suggested to my uncle that we pull into Julians Berry Farm that I had seen as we were driving into the Whakatane District. My nephew was initially not keen on this but it was an excuse to stretch our legs. Inside, the large warehouse shop, there were berries of all types. Then I discovered that they allowed people to pick strawberries. I inquired at the counter and picked up the smallest plastic container.The little boy was overjoyed and ran all the way to the plot and started picking strawberries. It was his first time picking strawberries and the berries were huge. Can't blame the boy for shoving some into his mouth as he grabbed fat juicy berries as big as his fist.To ensure that we had no wastage, we didn't pile our box up. We then walked back into the building and paid $11 for the box. We then sat in the cafe as I wanted to have lunch. While placing my order I noticed that they were also selling chocolate sauce. Whoop!!! the kid is going to get another yummy experience.This was my nephew enjoying the fruits of his labor and chocolate sauce.He then proceeded to polish off half my lunch as well. This was my order of grilled chicken and banana, which was really good. If you're ever in that area do drop in on this place as it was a fantastic experience for us.

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