Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Lovely Shrike

Went all the way to Woodlands to look for this bird. The Long Tailed Shrike belongs to the Shrike family, which consist of thirty one species spread across EuroAsia, Africa and North America. In Singapore, we get Shrikes such as the Brown, Tiger and Long Tailed that winter here.
The birder grapeview was a buzz about Long Tailed Shrikes, and I went in search of this individual but was not able to find it. As I was driving away, the bird found me by almost becoming a road kill. Parked the car, set-up the camera, and patiently waited for the Shrike to fly down from the tree.
It eventually flew to the railing by the drain and sat there. Since it chose the location I made do with what the bird would give me.
I went back the next day after the down pour and found the bird drying up. It then flew to its favorite perch to look for food. It was fun watching it hop up and down the branch scaring up insects.

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