Monday, December 14, 2009

Queenstown: Patagonia Chocolates

Queenstown was one of the town that I really got into the food because it had a thriving food scene. Having three days in the town was fantastic as I had a chance to explore some of the well know eateries.
First stop, ice cream on the pier. My aunt, uncle and I had promised our 5-year-old traveller we would buy ice cream for him in New Zealand. Patagonia Chocolate makes fantastic gelatos and is quite popular with both locals and tourist.
Not only did they serve home-made ice creams but they had chocolates, and pastries. I had their ice-creams on two consecutive days. Yums! They sell them in cups or cones pretty much like any other ice-cream outlet. However, these cones hide a secret the base of each cone is filled with chocolate.Then I discovered their divine croissants when I walked in one morning to buy breakfast for the family. They were awesome. The next morning, I made it a point to head back there for breakfast. Hot chocolate and a freshly baked croissant.That was sheer indulgence and it was pure comfort food on a cold morning. Before leaving Queenstown the next day, I took another walk very early in the morning to the pier and enjoyed the peace before we headed out.

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