Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Juvenile Wagler's Pit Viper

I'm on a roll. Finally, managed to find a juvenile Wagler's Pit Viper.This pit viper is one of my favorite species to photograph as they are just the most gorgeous snake ever.
The Wagler's Pit Viper is a medium sized viper which can grow up to over a meter. It is a pit viper because they have pits just behind the nostrils which contain special organs that can sense heat and locate warm-blooded animals. This is an important adaptation as the Wagler's Pit Viper is nocturnal and hunts at night.The adult males are green, with a black border and many greenish-yellow crossbars on its back. The juveniles change color as they grows. The young are all green with spots of white and red. The spots are sometimes arranged in pale crossbars. Like the one I found.The other thing that is unique about pit vipers is the prehensile tail.For those who fear snakes, please note that the Wagler's Pit Viper may be classifed as venomous but it rarely bites. Should you encounter one leave it alone. Just walk away, do not harm it.


Shawn said...

Congrats on this beautiful find, Shirls. I've yet to find an adult though.

Shirls said...

Hi Shawn, the adults aren't easy to find. I've not seen one in a long while.