Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fort Kochi

Arrived closed to midnight from Singapore and the hour and half drive from the airport to the hotel at Fort Kochi was in darkness.
Home base was a 230-year-old bungalow that has seen better days. The Ballard Bungalow has only six guest rooms but they were all huge.It was old and could do with maintenance but I loved the creaky teak floors and the misaligned wood of the old house. Plus it was in a great location.
Since I had the morning to myself. I could either explore my new surrounding or sit outside on the balcony to relax and read my book.I dove right in and just wondered around. A long ocher colored wall was the first sight that greeted me as I walked out and then a herd of goats. I just followed my nose down the road to a fish processing area where fishermen were selling their catch.Being the only gawky-eyed tourist mingling with a bunch of men, meant that I got a chance to photograph them as they worked. The pier allowed me to find the Chinese fishing nets and the larger fishing community that was based there.

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