Sunday, April 04, 2010

Rainy Day Fixes

What can you do when the weather keeps you indoors? Sleep, read, watch DVDs or surf the web. The list is endless. Me, I like to potter around the kitchen creating yummy things, which are not necessarily good for the waistline.
Wondered into town some three weeks ago to correct my blurring reading vision, meant a visit to my favorite baking supply shop – Sun Lik. Stocked up on Valhorna chocolate and other sundry baking goods and got introduced to a nifty muffin premix. I don’t normally go for premixes but this one bucks the trend. The muffins came out moist and fluffy but being me I chose to be creative even with the premix. Over a number of rainy days, I have pulled out other ingredients from the fridge and pantry to add them into the premix. Strawberries that were hiding in the fridge got thrown into a batch. Dried pineapples went into the next batch.  And Ghirardelli Chocolate chips added oomph to a batch of chocolate muffins for my afternoon tea party of chocolate indulgence.
A friend brought along a bottle of Jeju Tangerine jam from Korea that turned out devine as a topping for the chocolate muffins.

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