Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ubin, We All Went

Word is out Mangrove Blue Flycatchers have been spotted on Ubin.
On Saturday, groups of photographers descended on Ubin bright and early. By the time we got there, there were over 12 guys and a gal on the boardwalk.
This gal decided not to be packed in with the guys and decided to do some exploring to see if I could spot the famous big bird of Ubin because I haven’t seen them close nor have I gotten them on my camera sensor yet. Unfortunately, the big bird still eludes me. I settled in at the covered shelter and had a chat with White-rumped Sharmas but they refused to show themselves.
Back on the mainland, I decided to hang around Changi Village to see if I can spot the Tanimbar Corellas and Red Breasted Parakeets. These birds were introduced to Singapore several decades ago and are considered feral. Tanimbar Cockatoo is native to only the Tanimbar Islands of Wallacea, and the Red-breasted Parakeet was originally restricted to Java and Bali.
These birds are but the tip of the ice berg of alien species that have been introduced in Singapore. Vesak Day is coming, please think twice about releasing animals into our nature reserves and reservoirs. Such acts will have adverse effects on the ecological balance of our nature reserves and parks.

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