Thursday, June 03, 2010

Nothing Like Freshly Baked Bread

I picked up a recipe book ‘Italian Breads' from the library on Monday. Yesterday, I tried the recipe that caught my eye as I browsed the book - rolled pesto, olive and garlic bread. It was a simple recipe that could be made without too much trouble.
I had a box of home-made pesto in my fridge, made from basil that I bought at a farm during my morning trips to photograph the baya weavers. A trip to the supermarket for yeast, olives and parmigiano-reggiano and I was ready to bake.
Mix flour, sugar, salt, yeast, water, egg and olive oil. Knead till dough comes together and leave to rise.
Punch the dough and flatten it. Line the dough with pesto, olives and cheese. Roll the dough up into a roll. Slather dough with garlic infused olive oil and pop it into the oven. The recipe was so easy to follow and the result was crusty bread filled with pesto, cheese and olives.


Gardeners said...

miss my baking :(

Shirls said...

head back to the kitchen then.

Gardeners said...

don't have a kitchen anymore :( Envy