Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Monday morning’s walk made my blood boil. Pruning work had been going on around the car park area and the work carried had been pretty drastic. But to destroy all the tree ferns (Cyathea) growing along the stream that runs next to the path. Why? These tree ferns are native species and were part of the ecosystem.
All that was left, of the healthy row of tree ferns that lined the stream, were bleeding stumps and dismembered stems and leaves.
Gone are the verdant fronds upon which reptiles such as the green crested lizards lounge to soak up in the morning warmth.
Gone are the green shoots that push up towards the sunlight.
All that remains are dead stumps to shrivel up in the sunlight.


Gardeners said...

Is this happening along the Tree top walk section near Venus drive. So sad. I was building a ecogarden for a school and was planting tree ferns. My Indian workers was wondering why I was planting such weeds. When I told them how much the ferns cost me, the were very sympathetic to me :)

Shirls said...

Yes, it's such a pity.

It's Time to Live said...


Ivan said...

I wonder if it's possible to feedback to NParks and find out if it was a mistake carried out by the contractors in charge of pruning.