Thursday, September 09, 2010

Chronicle of Mr & Mrs King - Sept 8 twenty10

Construction effects have been stepped up from only morning excavations to twice daily. Mr & Mrs King definitely are in the nesting mood now. Both birds sing to each other from great distances, and when they come together it is amazing that one can hear their joy and excitement in the way they speak to each other. 
Yesterday, I spent a little more time with the birds as they too focused on their nest building  but I ensure that I give the pair privacy and not disrupt their activities. 
Mr King perched on my neighbor's fence below.
At the entrance of his new nest hole.
Excavation work begins.
Flying back to his perch for a break.
This is what Mr King looked like after his afternoon dig flying out of his nest hole.
A better look at Mr King after a hard day's work.


russel said...

haha, it's funny how Mr King has soil all over.

Gardeners said...

:) looks like our soldiers after trench digging