Monday, October 25, 2010

Oriental Dollarbirds@the Civic District

Had an hour to till before heading to Suntec to attend Micheal Yamashita's workshop yesterday. Pit stop was the Civic District to make some photos of the facade of the former Supreme Court. Upon ditching the car at Empress Place, the oh so white statue of Sir Stamford Raffles caught my eye. At the area, a rather bored looking snake charmer and my take of Singapore's history.
Time was of the essence, and the former Supreme Court beckoned. While standing at the Cricket Club side, unfamiliar bird calls were heard but where were these birds?
It wasn't till a familiar bird flew out and crossed over to the flag pole of the Art House.
Mystery birds were a pair of Oriental Dollarbirds. The bird got its name from the two silvery white circular patches on each underwing, that flash as it flies. Upon spotting the birds, these were the scenes that were observed. Territorial squabble - pigeon vs dollarbirds and mynahs vs dollarbirds
It is always a surprise to see how animals, if given a chance till reclaim what space they can from us.


Gardeners said...

Always like their sombre look :)

Shirls said...

But they aren't sombre at all. I love to see them in flight.