Monday, November 22, 2010

A damselfly that is the size of a pin head

Was out chasing birds when a chance encounter with this unknown damselfly sent me scurrying to the car to grab my other camera with my trusted macro lens.
While squatting by the edge of a small drain, I could see tiny little white dots  floating by. Upon a closer look, I realized that the dots were tiny damselflies. Wohoo!!! I have found the mother load of Pinhead Midgets. They are suppose to be common but they are so small at 17mm, many of us do not even know that they existed. I thought there were three species, till research told me that they were all the same species.
This pretty ghostly white Pinhead Midget is a mature male.
The female is a gorgeous red and harder to spot.
The immature adult looks like a shrunk down larger damselfly.
If you do happen to be in a park where there's a clean water around squat down and look. You may spot these damselflies, they usually perch on grass.


Gardeners said...

only 17 mm!!!!!! Amazing photos again :)

budak said...

i found quite a lot of these by the pond at Ang Mo Kio near the drive-through MacDonald's.

Shirls said...

@Gardners Yes, amazingly tiny.

@Budak Thanks! I shall check the location out.