Saturday, January 22, 2011

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth

Apologies for the long break in between posts. Too many balls to juggle and wildlife to chase that this blog was left to languish. Hopefully, past the Lunar New Year, things will get back on track with regular posts. I did manage to do two things this week, head down to Chinatown and to the Thaipusam festival. I know some of my friends think the Chinatown today is but a tourist trap. I agree and that is why visits to Chinatown is only once a year where the glitter mixes in with the traditional food stuff that is a must.
Such as waxed meats - sausages, duck, ham and a number of other meats that were hard to identify.
Then there's the stuff that makes you go hmmm.... What were they thinking? Here's Twist Potato, essentially a potato sliced by a special equipment brought in from Taiwan and deep fried.
Two days after visiting Chinatown, a trip to Little India was planned. I chose to head down early morning when it was still cool and the light was softer. This year's festival was more subdued but I did see a number of familiar faces from last year's festival.
The Sri Perumal Temple seemed less packed.  It seemed that there were more bystanders and photographers in the temple but I did get to talk to a couple of people to find out a little about why their families are involved in the festival.
For example, I learnt that it will be the last time this gentleman participates in the festival after being given the nod to do so.


Shawn said...

Hi Shirls,

I'm back with my little blog posts as well. Great to hear you're back as well.

Shirls said...

Hi Shawn, good to hear from you n look forward to your updates too.