Monday, April 25, 2011

The cutest bird species yet

Broadbills are a family of small passerine birds. They are chunky birds that range 13 to 28 centimetres in length with a short, wide bill having bristles or wattles at the base. Many of these birds are brightly coloured, and live in the dense canopies of forests, allowing them to hide despite their brightly coloured plumage. I was lucky enough to meet several species of broadbills. At Bukit Tinggi, West Malaysia, the Silver-breasted Broadbill.

Recently, at Sepilok's Rainforest Discover Center, four other species were sighted. The Green Broadbill and the Banded Broadbill, which I didn't get a chance to photograph. However, I did manage to catch these two - Yellow and Black and Red and Black Broadbills.
I just think that they are so cute.

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