Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Always thrilled to spot the otters at Sungei Buloh. This time there were only two adults - a male and a female. These days I hardly hear the otters call to each other. Of late, most of my sightings during the weekends have been by spotting them silently moving along the river.

This pair were cautious and as they purposely went about their business - hunted, ate, then indulged in a bit of sand bathing before coming up to the fresh water pond where the female took a brief cat nap. The male swam in the fresh water pond and then went on to scent mark the area. 
I believe the female is lactating as her mammary glands were engorged. She may have pups hidden in a den somewhere. After her nap, the proceeded to scent mark and then slip back into the river.
Unfortunately, for me, it was a Sunday morning and noisy people were everywhere. As silently as they arrived, the pair slipped away leaving the noisy people behind.


Meryl said...

Hello Shirley!

It's Meryl, the otter researcher at NUS - I have contacted you before! You have some really great photos from that trip and it would do the research a great help if you could share the photos with me.

Do email me at uberhyped@gmail.com and check out my website at http://blog.nus.edu.sg/sgotters/.


Gardeners said...

Wondering whether they are afraid of the crocodiles.

Shirls said...

Meryl - I went to your site and will send you an email later on this.

Gardeners - I'm not sure as I haven't seen the two in close proximity. I know the otters will tolerate large water monitors. I've also seen them tug monitors by their tail to try to move them.