Monday, September 19, 2011

The beauty of tall trees

Often we take trees for granted till they are gone. I've seen many a tall tree being reduced to pieces of wood and saw dust because of the fear of trees falling and destroying lives and property. Like the old tree that use to stand at Changi, which was the home to a pair of White-bellied Sea Eagles.
And I have wondered how could I photograph trees to show their beauty? Recently, a bunch of us stood under very tall Albizia trees photographing a feral population of parrots that call these trees home. Albizias are brittle trees that grow to great heights but they have a tendency to break-up during heavy equatorial storms and many have been chopped down in recent years.
These trees are also favored by raptors and in this area alone, we have counted two locally endangered raptors - the Changeable Hawk Eagle and the Crested Serpent Eagle in this one location very close to town. This prompted a switch of lenses and camera in my quest to represent the beauty in these trees that mean so much to these birds.
lying on the grass looking up at the trees that surround me
growing tall takes a lot of effort
the old tree that stand outside SBG grounds
Wonder how long they will last before they are gone too?

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