Thursday, November 24, 2011

I love Salties

Did you know that the largest crocodilian on Earth, saltwater crocodile has made a come back in Singapore? Even though we spot them quite regularly at Sungei Buloh, saltwater crocodiles are considered critically endangered in Singapore. Historically, saltwater crocodiles were found throughout South-east Asia. However, wild population of saltwater crocodiles have not been seen in their natural habitats for decades. In fact, they are considered extinct in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and possibly Cambodia. Conservation efforts have seen wild populations come back. The population of saltwater crocodiles in Borneo has increased dramatically in the past decade that reptile is no longer on the endangered list. Yay! because I love great come back stories.
A bunch of us were at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve on our annual winter migration waders watch. While scanning the waders, my one eye was on the look out for a salty that I know was around the area. I had a series of shots already sketched out in my head if the salty would come up in the right spot and position itself correctly. It didn't take long for the fella to haul itself out of the water to recharge in the morning sun.

Experience also taught me that a reptile after warming up needs to also regulate its body temperature. So I baked along with the salty for over an hour waiting for the salty to gape.The wait paid off and these are some of the shots I got of this very clean and healthy salty before it disappeared into the water after it's sun bath.


Gardeners said...

Do anyone suspect that it is an escapee from the croc farm down the road or its just me ;)

Shirls said...

Can't ask the Salty, it origins but the wild stock seems to be coming back. I've seen baby crocs at SBWR too.