Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Finally a Common House Snake

I didn't think that there were Common House Snakes in my area but then again I never tried looking for this species. My helper texted me from outside my gate saying there was a snake being harassed by one of the neighborhood stray cats.
When I went out with a torch light to check, I found a small snake no more than 10cm long valiantly defending itself against the cat. It was leaping off the ground trying to bite the cat. Once I spotted the whitish collar around its neck, I knew it was a Common House Snake.Sent my helper into the house to get a small container and net so that I could safely remove the snake from harms way.

I later released it into the garden where I knew there was ample food for a little snake to eat.
This nocturnal non-venomous species is fairly common in Asia. They live in forested areas and near human habitation as they prey on lizards such as geckos, which is abundant in and around houses.

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