Saturday, February 23, 2013

Unmanicured green space

To most a piece of land that is overgrown with weeds (plants that we don't want) and unkempt is an eyesore. Contrary to common belief that Singapore has NO WILDLIFE. We do have quite a number of animals that call the unmanicured green spaces their HOME.
We have lost many of these land in recent times to development and will see more go as human population is set to grow even more. I recently visited an area that is slated to be re-developed as industrial space and found these animals living quietly and unnoticed by people.
Like this shy rail that lives on a piece of marshy land. 
Slaty-breasted Rail
Mangrove crab & giant mudskipper

There are the wintering birds too that stay to fatten up before their long flight home.
Marsh sandpiper - flies all the way from Central Asia
Pacific golden plover - comes from the Arctic tundra


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Yup! You just have to stop and quietly watch. You never know what shy creature will pop out.