Friday, April 05, 2013

Chain of events that went tumbling by

After working for about a year, I find myself without a job again. It's a long story but I shall not dwell on it. So I find myself yet again having to think out of the box and finding something that will interests me.
Hanuman langurs@Bundala Wetlands

Mean while, life goes on and I took some time out to travel to Thailand and Sri Lanka. May be it wasn't wise to pack both trips back-to-back but you only live once. Came home with a bug from Sri Lanka, which took me two weeks to put down. 
During that time, I managed to delete my primary hard disk that stored all my RAW files while trying to install Time Machine. Spent time trying to undelete but not much could be recovered since I was dumb enough to write over the disk.
After two weeks of fretting over a huge chunk of lost files (11 days worth of photos from Mar 2012 in Thailand), I discovered a third hard disk under my bed. Much to my delight the files were backed up on this disk. Thank goodness for multiple back-ups. Now I have a RAID system and one portable backup. 
I am so happy that I won't have to retrace the 11 days and the over 100 species of birds.
Rusty-napped pitta from March 2012

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