Friday, May 03, 2013

Spot-billed pelicans of Asia

Missed these pelicans at Laem Pak Bia in Oct 2012 and was glad to finally get to see them in Sri Lanka.  
Spot-billed pelicans or grey pelicans are found in Asia. As their common name suggests, these pelicans possess a spotted bill; the throat pouch is also spotted in appearance. 
lone individual in a lake
Very skittish birds. They will take off at the slightest movement.
Spot-billed pelicans inhabit a variety of wetlands, from freshwater to saline, in open or forested areas. Previously they were widespread throughout Asia. They like to nest in colonies, usually in old trees; returning to the same trees and the same position each year with loss of habitat, this species has suffered decline. Today, breeding populations are confined to India, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. Many populations in Southeast Asia region now extinct, and the species is considered near threatened.

breeding colony at Yala National Park

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