Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tulipmania@Gardens by the Bay

Hey folks if you are here in Singapore, and love flowers as I do, drop in at Gardens by the Bay for Tulipmania. Go now as the exhibit ends 20 May. You'll get blown away by the tulips and an array of other flowering bulbs. You will need to purchase a ticket to enter the Flower Dome where the tulips are housed.
Walk way to the Flower Dome

Upon entering you'll be greeted with heady scents of the blooms and what hits you next is the riot of colors that is just of wonderful.
Gorgeous orange tulips - one of my favorites
As you start walking around, you may start to notice the daintier and less obvious blooms among the tulips. I loved it so much that I went twice just to enjoy the flowers and take photos. See if you can find these among the displays.
Golden bell daffodils
Grape hyacinths
Snow drop galanthus

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