Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Meat market in N. Sulawesi

It's been almost 10 years since my last trip to N. Sulawesi. Previous trips there were to explore the hidden wonders under the sea, this trip was solely planned to take a closer look at Tangkoko National Park to photograph wildlife. Most of the members of my group were after the endemic birds but I had mammals as my targets.
One out last day, we decided to make a trip to a local market in Tomohon that is known for its meat market. I've heard about it but never had the courage to walk the market until now.The first thing that greeted us was a pick-up loaded with bush meat - reticulated pythons, flying foxes and wild boars.

Flying foxes by the boxes were being unloaded

As we got closer, my eyes were drawn to the blackened carcasses of dogs that lined the tables on the edge of the meat market. It wasn't easy going into the market as the sights and the smells are overwhelming as men with torches charred all kinds of meat. 
It was only after taking a breather and getting over the initial shock of the section did I start to see the various activities that were going on as each stall holder readies his products for the crowd that thronged the market.
This stall had the most bush meat
These are two carcasses of the endangered crested macaques (illegal but vendors play hide-and-seek with forestry officials)
This huge reticulated python also at the same stall had its skull split open
Stall holder gutting dog carcasses

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