Wednesday, November 06, 2013

1 1/2 weeks on and there still American bullfrogs in the pond

Bullfrog with a released pleco (sucker fish from S. American)

Bullfrogs are still around although their numbers are smaller. I chatted with a park regular and the man said people purposely bought frogs to restock the pond. Guess people read the signage at the Info Point area where American bullfrogs (an invasive species) are listed as wildlife that people will see in the park.

There are still nice sized mature bullfrogs in Lotus. How does one tell? Bullfrogs are sexually dimorphic, males are smaller than females and have yellow throats. They also have tympani (ear drums) that are larger than their eyes. Females have smaller tympani that are about the same size as the eyes
Mature male bullfrog (photographed 6 Nov 2013)
female (photographed 1 Nov 2013)

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