Monday, November 25, 2013

Wild mushrooms: Ink caps

While browsing at Kinokuniya, I found the Singapore Science Center published "Guide to tropical fungi". This field guide is a nice to have especially with the rainy season, and fungi are springing up everywhere. 
I'm just happy to have something to refer to and put a name to the fungi I spot such as these ink cap mushrooms that had been nameless for a very long time.
Ink caps

Ink caps assist in the decomposition of wood, dung, grassy debris, forest litter, and so on. It answers my question on why I always find them on mulch piles in the parks. 

 As the mushroom matures the gills under the caps produce black spores as a result these mushrooms got their common name "ink cap". The next time you walk in one of our parks and the contractor has placed piles of fresh mulch have a look to see if ink caps start to sprout.

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