Saturday, March 22, 2014

Changing behavior

It is interesting to read the commentary in TODAY (22 Mar 2014) on "Lack of graciousness is the tip of 'indifference iceberg'". I agree with the writer's view point as many of us are indifferent to things that go on around us.
We live in a society that has just about a sign for everything. Yet people choose to ignore signs and notices such as these :-

I am not against introducing fellow Singaporeans to our fauna but I think there is a great social responsibility to also demonstrate the right things as the idiom goes "monkey see monkey do".
Today, the commonly broken regulations in the NParks Act are b, c, j above. The people who choose to ignore regulations are of the mindset that there's little policing (how often do people get caught?). Many who see such acts being committed are indifferent (myself included).  May be it is time that we stop being indifferent and change our behavior after all we should be proud of what we have in Singapore.
Litter over flowing from bins. Common sense take trash and dispose it elsewhere.
  I end with this "Please don't feed the monkeys - You will do them more harm than good"

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