Sunday, November 23, 2014

A lazy Sunday morning at Haji Lane

I kinda like a quiet and lazy stroll around the Kampong Glam area on an early Sunday morning. There's hardly anyone around and the area is peaceful. These two kartek ayams and their girlfriend greeted me in the car park. They belong to someone who lives in the neighborhood. Ended getting down on the ground to photograph them with a wide angle lens since I was too lazy to pull out my other lens from the boot.
Sargent major here was crowing his lungs out.

Then meandered through the Malay Museum grounds and headed towards Haji Lane. It's probably one of the most unique streets here where each shop front has a unique appearance. It's fun to explore and finding angles that work for the camera. In addition, Haji Lane is totally different in the evening. I've made a mental note to do another walk around then. The only people I met were a couple of tourists doing the same thing as I, and a family who hired a photographer to take family photos. Here are a couple but there are loads more for you to explore and notice.

I find it is quite a nice experience to wander around and look at your country with a different pair of glasses. Trust me it can be fun and sometimes a bonus if you get an opportunity to strike up a conversation with people you meet. Since I had time to kill before my next appointment. Ended up in Arbite with a very good cup of cappuccino.

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