Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bishan otter pair is now a family

I kinda knew what this otter pair were up to but had to let nature take its course and quietly watch from the side lines.
Mama was absent for about three months. She was sighted briefly on several occasions and always very wary of humans.

Yesterday, mama otter finally brought out her pups. She is seen here seconds away from total panic becuase someone used a flash. The family is very cautious and wary of any possible threats. Mama screamed in panic and fled with her pups to safety.
If you want to appreciate this family, watch quietly, don't use flash if you want to photographs of them, and please respect their need for personal space. You and I need our personal space so do otters. Should they panic because someone frightened them. Give them time to calm down to realize that they are in no danger.

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