Friday, April 27, 2007

Authentic Korean Food in Singapore

There are roughly over 7,000 Koreans in Singapore and there are some authentic Korean food in Singapore these days. One such place is Auntie Kim's at 265 Upper Thomson Road, owned and managed by a Korean lady who has recruited chefs from Korea to staff her establishment.
I decided to walk over to try this much talked about restaurant while waiting to pick my mother up from the hospital. It was an interesting experience as I was served with 6 different starters with my order of beef bibim bab. The starters included mash potatoes, apple salad, boiled spinach, mung bean sprouts, kim chee, zucchini in chili paste and they were all tasty.
When my order arrived I had polished off 3 of my starters. Unfortunately, the bibim bab bowl wasn't as hot as I had expected it and there was no sizzle in it nor did the rice burn at the bottom to form the crunchy bits that give the dish added flavor. The rice in the bowl too was cold and it looked like left over rice had been used. Overall, the dish did not quite live up to my expectations.

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