Friday, April 06, 2007

Marutama Ramen

Marutama Ra-men@#03-90 Central
I had to try Marutama Ra-men@#03-90, The Central. Marutama is an outlet of established Saitama and Tokyo-based ramen shop. The first sign of it being a good ramen outlet is the place being filled with Japanese diners.
The cooks are all Japanese, and one of them is none other then the owner and chef, who is personally overseeing his newest outlet. It was only noon and there was a line outside the little eatery already on a public holiday.
I decided to try the aka-ramen which was one of two specials on the menu and added char sui to my order. My bowl of noodles arrived in about 10 minutes and it looked scrumptious.
The noodles were swimming in a broth stewed from seven different kinds of nuts topped of with my side order of char sui, bamboo shoots, minced pork balls, corriander and a wedge of lemon for the broth.
The broth rich and mildly tangy from the lemon juice was fabulous, add to it the garlic flakes and it was a bowl of noodles to slurp up noisily. I am definitely coming back to try the other ramen on the menu.
aka ramen

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