Friday, April 06, 2007

National Museum of Singapore

Stain Glass of the Rotunda DomeAs I had mentioned earlier, it took three attempts around the block before I finally found the entrance to the National Museum of Singapore. The museum is the oldest one in Singapore and it dates back 1849. The Museum is one of the four national museums, the other three being the two Asian Civilisations Museums at Empress Place Building and Old Tao Nan School, and the Singapore Art Museum.
The newly revamped National Museum of Singapore was re-opened in December, 2006 to much fanfare.
I had originally come to view the photographic exhibit "Images from the Arab world which was part of the "Under the Crescent Moon" festival that showcases the cultural heritage of the Arab world and Turkey.
I ended up walking through both exhibits "Living Under the Cresent Moon: Domestic culture in the Arab world" and "Images from the Arab world" in the basement. To top this off, I will be attending a performance called Dervish by Ziya Azazi (Turkey) next Friday.
Opium smokerWell it was a no brainer to buy a ticket and use the bar coded ticket to enter the five paid galleries of the museum. What I liked most were the personal device that narrated each area of the Singapore history gallery. It was an enjoyable afternoon at the museum.

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