Friday, April 20, 2007

Tropical Fruit Season - Mangoesteens

Going to the fresh fruit stall now is probably the best as most of the tropical fruits are in season. We're getting mangoes from Thailand and the Philippines now. Soon there will be those from Indonesia and India too. I have many favorites which I will slowly introduce as they come into season.
Today, I picked up 3 kilograms of mangoesteens for S$5.00 and 2 kilograms of Thai honey mangoes for S$4.00. I'm going to turn some of the mangoes into desert this weekend. The mangoesteen I'm just going to let the family consume.
Selecting mangoesteen are an art, one has to carefully press each fruit to select only the ripe ones. The fruit is should still be firm but you should be able to depress the skin between you thumb and finger to test ripeness.
The flesh inside is white and firm and there will be a number of seeds in each fruit. They can vary in taste from semi-tart to sweet. This batch is very sweet and will go fast for sure.

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