Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stuffed Re-Fried Tau Pok (Fried Bean Curd)

raw state I finally let Lilik in on what I was doing with my face constantly stuck to a camera. I showed her the blog and explained to her what it was all about. Lilik, by the way, is my Indonesia domestic helper, who is helping to take care of my mother.
Hence, her sudden interest in trying out dishes from home because I end up plating, photographing and showing her the photos much to her amusement. She now comes to me with suggestions to cook some of her street type food.coating

oil bathFor a lack of a name for this dish, I called it stuffed re-fried Tau Pok. The stuffing consist of bee hoon (rice noodles), bean sprouts and carrots. The stuffed tau poks get dunked in a flour and egg batter, and then deep fried. The tau poks have a way of absorbing things and in this instance oil. Yes, it's not really healthy but I will try it once.
The re-fried tau pok is then eaten with a raw chili much like the Indian Vedai only this version does not feature spices which brings up the flavors in the vedai.

looks goodI plated, shot and then sampled it. I added cucumber which is not how it was to be eaten but the raw cucumber helped to cut the grease. The two pieces was my dinner as I could not eat anything else after which. taste could be better

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