Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cooking Frenzy Starting with Mee Rebus

I went crazy in the kitchen today, since it's mother's day weekend I prepared several peranakan dishes. Starting with Mee Rebus for lunch. This is a street food favorite and I have been trying to perfect mine and I think I finally got it. Secret sweet potatoes and dried geragau, which I managed to find at the market today.
I don't make the gravy from scretch but rely on a ready made paste which I enhanced with sweet potatoes and geragau today. This is the paste that I like to use as it is pretty good taste wise.
Fresh ingredients that you will need are: -

Chinese egg noodles
Bean Sprouts
Fried Bean Curd
Fresh Bean Curd
Green Chilies
Fried Shallot
Sweet potatoes

Heat casserole unit, lightly stir fry Hai's Instant mee rebus sauce without oil, then add in hot water about 4 rice bowls, geragau and mashed sweet potatoes. Bring to boil for about 5 minutes, allow to simmer over medium low heat until done (about 10 minutes). Add sugar and salt to taste. Arrange garnishing ingredients onto ready prepared noodle and serve hot.

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