Friday, May 11, 2007

An Old Favorite Revisited

We have for the longest time been wanting to get together for martinis at Morton's Martini bar at the Oriental Hotel. For once the stars were aligned and we all made it to the bar for martinis and the oh so delicious mini steak sandwiches which are free during Mortini Hour. For those of us who must have these delectable morsels, please take note the sandwiches are served during Mortini Hour from 5 - 7 pm on weekdays only.
A little trivia, each sandwich features 28g of broiled fillet mignon with Dijon mustard mayonnaise on finger-roll. These yummylicious sandwiches are served every 15 minutes. We had our Lycheetinis and Appletinis ($9.95+++ during Mortini Hour) and sandwiches.

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