Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hong Kong Roast Duck

At Lian Wah Kopitiam, Blk 133 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, St 12, is Hoi To (Hong Kong) Roast House. This is a little stall that is operated by a husband and wife team from Hong Kong. They sell Cantonese roast meats and yau kai (soy sauce chicken)from noon to evening. During lunch they also serve wanton noodles.
I frequent this stall for its roast duck which I believe is one of the best in the area. I've sat at the kopitiam having fish soup watching the owner methodically season and store his ducks in the evening to allow the birds to cure overnight before he roasts them the next day. Very pains taking work and the ducks are usually sold out by 6 pm. I don't dig his roast pork, char sui and wanton noodles.
My typical order half a roast duck and we usually polish almost all the duck up in one seating lots of succulent meat and crispy skin very little bones. It's value for money as some other stalls you tend to get more bone than meat. I sometimes order an entire duck on special occasions when the troop decide to congregate at my home.
accompliment plum sauce n drippingI also like the fact that he serves his roast duck in traditional Hong Kong style. I like my roast duck dipped in plum sauce and eaten with rice that has been drizzled with the salty dripping from the duck.
In Singapore, this dish has evolved in the hands of hawkers who serve the meat with rice, under a blanket of dark, sweet gravy and a helping of chilli sauce.

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