Monday, May 14, 2007

Mixed of Hawker Fare and Home Cooked Food

stew pig's trottersDinner was a mixed affair today, my uncle bought stewed pig's trotters in soy sauce from the Whampoa Hawker Center.sambal belacan I made a small batch of sambal belacan with calamansi lime skin to go with the pig's trotters shiok but watch the cholesterol level.
I added half roast chicken from Chuen Chuen Chicken Rice at the Longhouse on Upper Thomson Road, for Lilik as she can't eat pork (read all about the foodie heaven along Upper Thomson Road, my back yard). chuen chuen roast chickenAs we were a tad too heavy in the meat department, I got Lilik to fry up the ridged luffa with garlic for fibre.fried ridged luffa I made sticky rice with mango and rubies in coconut milk for my sweet ending. Lilik pigged out on sticky rice with mango, the helper has a sweet tooth.

Sambal Belacan Recipe
10 red chillies
4cm piece belacan, dry roast till fragrant
Pinch of salt
1 limau kasturi skin

Pound chillies until rather coarse in texture. Break up roasted belacan and add into chilli mixture gradually. Continue to pound until texture is neither too smooth nor too coarse. Add pinch of salt. Add limau kasturi skin. Put sambal in a bowl. Squeeze lime juice in and mix well. Serve sambal as an accompanying side dish.

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