Wednesday, May 16, 2007

An Encounter with a Tree Snake

The day started pretty normal and I was working in my home office much of the morning answering emails and talking to clients. I went downstairs to have lunch only to discover that I had a visitor in the house. Some how a snake had slithered in on its own and it was trying to find its way out. I of course, picked up the camera and started photography it first and then I had to catch it to release it back into the nature reserve. May be it comes from watching too many hours of Animal Planet and NGC. I ended up catching the snake with a towel wrapped around my hand. I wanted a photo of the capture but Lilik ran off as she was too afraid of the little snake I held in my hand.
I think the snake in question is a flying tree snake as it was long and thin about 1 m long. The snake is pretty common in Singapore and is mildly venomous with rear fangs. They hunt small prey like lizards, frogs, birds and bats. Flying Snakes are active during the day and are mostly found in trees rather than on the ground. We need to interview the snake if we want to find out how it strayed so far from it natural habitat.


Anonymous said...

happened to chance upon your blog searching for pictures of blue malayan coral's so lucky of you to be living right beside a nature reserve.

anyways.i think the snake in question is not a flying snake usually known as the paradise tree snake,which is a lot more prettier and colourful.instead it's a non-poisonous painted bronzeback.

and thanks for the treat (at 3 in tha morning)to such a beautiful myriad of pictures of wildlife that's little seen around singapore.


Shirls said...

Shao Wei,

I'm not sure myself, I compared the snake to what is found in the book. However, my earlier photos aren't very good and I seem to have lost all my photos of this snake when my hard disk crashed. I was going to have an expert identify it.

Glad that you enjoyed my photos at 3 am in the morning.

Anonymous said...

it's really nice to see that you have snakes popping by your makes your home seem so wild and fun, not knowing what you would wake up to each day.

anyways here are links to the painted bronze back

and the paradise tree snake

however i don't think the pic of the flying snake does it has so many variations of colours. for example

each is practically an artwork.hope you bump into one soon and do justice to it's beauty!


Anonymous said...

painted bronzeback

paradise tree snakes

Anonymous said...

i guess it got cut off again :P

think i'll just give you the link

really useful with reptiles and such.

Shirls said...

Hi Shao Wei,

Paradise Tree Snake it isn't. Could be a bronzeback but it didn't have the bronze on its back.

Shawn said...

Its a striped Bronzeback i guess.

Shirls said...

Can't tell as I've lost the photos of this snake.