Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Snootiest Fruit Shop

This is one of two popular fruit shops at People's Park and boy do the people at the shop have an attitude. Arguably they do have a very good selection of fresh fruits and the fruits were all unblemished.
What shocked me was the rudeness of the people at the shop. I got shoved because I was photographing the fruits on display and I wasn't even in the way. I would have bought some fruits too if only they were a little nicer towards me.
Hold on to your seats now, here come the prices of some of the fruits - custard apple, $15 a kilo and US Cherries, $20 a kilo. Ouch!!!! I didn't see anyone buying these expensive fruits though.


marie974 said...

litchis, and the other fruits existe in my country.

Shirls said...

Reunion is tropical so I'm sure you have lots of fruits too. I would love to visit reunion to go diving.