Monday, May 07, 2007

Steam Custard in Pumpkin

This summer is proving to be a summer of plenty. I just could believe the amount of fresh produce we're getting this year. Although, I've never been much of a fan when it comes to squash, I decided to pick one up. I chose a small one from a basket of newly delivered fresh produce to create a Thai desert Sangkaya Fuk-Thong (Steamed Pumpkin Custard). This was simple enough to make on a fly this afternoon and by evening I had a beautifully steamed custard in pumpkin. I sliced it up and distributed the desert among my neighbors.
This was the same pumpkin after I had removed the pulp and seeds, and filled it up with the egg custard.

A small yellow squash, about 1 kg
1/4 cup thick coconut cream
3 tbsp palm or coconut sugar
3 eggs
1 tbsp corn flour
Pinch of salt

Cut the top off the pumpkin to form a lid, then scoop out the seeds.Heat the coconut cream and palm sugar in a saucepan just enough to dissolve the sugar and blend with the cream into a smooth mixture. Add corn starch and salt and mix until blended but do not allow mixture to come to a boil.
Beat the eggs well and mix in with the cooled, sweetened coconut cream. Strain the mixture through a fine wire mesh colander into the hollowed out yellow squash with a small round opening cut on top. Steam over medium-high heat until the custard is set, up to an hour inside a squash, depending on its size and thickness. Let cool.

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